Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I purchased a laptop a few months ago. My dad was in the hospital (he's doing very well, thank you for asking) and in an inspired bout of retail therapy highly rationalized by the need to get work done at the hospital, I bought a Powerbook G4. It's been great, I've been able to surf porn at work without IT getting on my case, and as evidenced by my last post, write about things pretty much as they happen. OOOOH.

Portability doesn't stop however, once you get home. No sireee, you can read/write blogs on the can, IM on the couch, compose music while eating/cooking, and work in bed. Time flies when you're working in bed though--this is a bad thing--it's 3am before you realize that you really really need to sleep. I've solved it though--don't plug in. Let the battery die. Let the battery life tell you when you need to go to bed, which is right about now.