Sunday, December 29, 2002

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

follow up:
skunk girl wrote in. we're going to an orchid show in santa barbara next weekend.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

chance encounter
You: Brunette in skunk outfit wielding hand-held spotlights stage right, 6 December 2002 at the Long Beach Flaming Lips + Beck show.
Me: Awfully good-looking, visibily inebriated guy with artfully tousled hair, 4 or so rows back, the shortest one in the group of four guys (and as you can see, humility is one of his best qualities).
We had cheer sex, you + the rest of the animals came off stage during "Do You Realize?", bum-rushed past the 3 6+ footers and gave me a hug, you returned to the stage and giggled with your friends.
I realize you hugged about 50 other people, but still... the cheer sex, the cheer sex, the cheer sex!

Monday, December 09, 2002

It's coming!
All the reminders are starting to surface, the mini-vans with the menorah on top cruising the neighborhood, the crowded mall parking lots, the girls at jumbo's clown room donning santa caps--The holidays are coming!
This my favorite time of year, not because of the paid week off or the three hours of free drinking sponsored by the company on thursday night or presents or shopping, but largely because this means that there will be at least 2 or 3 of those round tins of flavored popcorn placed around the office, no doubt from cheap-ass vendors or clients who saw the $6.99 tin in the checkout line at the drugstore. Truth be told, I love the stuff (cheese, butter, then caramel in order of preference)� I even know how much they are because I was tempted to buy one for myself but just couldn't muster enough self-loathing. Besides, I don't want to get the orange cheese fingerprints all over me red velvet couch.

things i have been doing instead of blogging:
- going to the vh1 "big in 2002" awards
- watching adaptation
- seeing beck and the flaming lips
- working weekends
- playing tony hawk pro skater 4 online against kids who obviously have nothing better to do than humiliate 31 year olds
- playing grand theft auto: vice city
- playing mat hoffman pro bmx 2
- playing bmx xxx
- drinking
- looking for a new apartment
- redesigning my personal website

so there.