Monday, February 23, 2004

my pseudo-college weekend

it's been all-too-long since i described my offline exploits. since i usually only remember to do this when i do something completely stupid and/or embarassing, you can guess where this post is going. also, since this is no longer linked directly from my personal site, i feel a little more free. anyway...

rewind to friday eveningy happy hour at arsenal with plans to go out for my friend's second birthday party in a row. (yeah, one of those types) 3 or 4 vodka/sodas into happy hour, one of my friends calls to see what's happening tonight--oh and he and his new girlfriend are no longer an item by the way. now i won't get too into the details of this as i like to keep the talk on this url pretty much centered on ME, but in any case, i do the decent thing and ditch my plans to go have drinks with my buddy. i end up getting drunk. like, really drunk. like 4 martinis more drunk. so drunk that i get sick.

saturday was a waste. i had some "work to do around the house" (euphemism that i will explain in a couple of weeks) and it was raining out, so no skateparking or anything like that. oh, did i neglect to mention how hung over i was? i was in pain the entire day. from the moment i woke up to the moment i went to sleep, i was in pain. head-to-toe pain. needless to say, i went to sleep as soon as i could to put my misery behind me.

sunday i wake up early. like way too early, since i had gone to bed so early the night before. 7:30am. too goddamn early, so i roll over and i think, well, maybe if i do some reading or something, i'll fall back asleep. so i pick up "the da vinci code" off my nightstand, and start up. ok, so usually i read smarter or more trendy fiction and stuff, but you know, a friend at work gave it to me, so whatever. anyway, it's 7:30am, i pick up the book and it's ok, i'm getting sucked in a little bit. next thing i know, the book is halfway done, next thing i know, there's 100 pages left. next thing i know, it's 2pm and i've read the whole damn book straight through. no bathroom breaks, no coffee breaks, nothing. i haven't even got out of bed yet. jesus. *shrug* i don't know. what can i say, they were right, it's a page-turner. the last time i read 450 pages straight, i had a midterm to take the next day.

Monday, February 09, 2004

happy valentine's day. or not.

valentine's day is just a few days away. here are some cards. some are nice, some are not so nice. most of them are hilarious. pardon if you've seen them before.

and no i don't read

alright alright, anyway--like i was saying, valentine's day is right around the corner. in years past this is a time of much wailing, gnashing of teeth, hand-wringing and brow-beating for me. not this year. i'm single (actually, i've been single for almost forever, but recent years i've just started to date people right before valentine's day and like have had to totally break it off with girls just to avoid the awkward day. oh yeah, i do that for birthdays too) anyway, since i'm single, i don't have to do anything. i don't have to worry about getting reservations or anything, i don't have to worry about presents, nothing. i know this sounds like sour grapes, but really, i'm laying waaaaaay low on this one this year. then again, maybe if i intentionally try to not get any action this week something might happen. did i just jinx myself? d-oh!