Monday, March 31, 2003

So I just got
Paul Weller - Two Classic Performances
today from Paul Weller is my hero and this dvd makes me very very very very very very very happy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

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i cast no aspersions on anybody i know personally in this entry. no, really. this only really applies to native californians, so take no offense.

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traffic will make you do crazy things, especially when you are forced to listen to the radio because you forgot to charge your ipod.

damn, we are all going through a shitstorm right now, aren't we? war, work, family, friends, there is no end of drama right now on global, interpersonal, and individual levels. all i can say is thank god that dentistry and gasoline are cheaper here than they are in england!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

so mark mcgrath was sitting across from me while i was waiting for my hair to get cut. i see that motherfucker everywhere i go. he not only looked like shit, but he looked old.

in any case, today i designated my new haircuttress for life. i usually bounce from cutter to cutter but i think she's the one. she has the "wild" card from UNO tattooed on her upper arm, as if to say "you can trust me with your hair, i won't make you look like you want to be on the cast of friends, or for god sakes, even look like you watch that fucking show". it is all about trust, yo. all 'bout the trust.

anyway, i hadn't had a haircut for ages as i was sick of my last hairthing, but now...NOW we have a PLAN. soon enough, i will be insufferably hot. or not. i still give myself only an 8 on the face, not much i can do about that, although the body is tighter than an erik spiekermann layout, so that's good and uh, sex appeal, well i guess the erik spiekermann reference would definitely definitely definitely bring that down some.

addendum for those too drug-addled or whatever to get the subtleties: i've actually never watched the are you hot or whatever show it is that renegade jerkyboy is on, so if i have somehow screwed up the reference, well there you go.

politics, like gun control, abortion, and religion, is one of the topics that i generally try to avoid in order to be polite. one can only estrange so many potential father-in-laws before you get the hint--please, please learn from my mistakes.

having said all that, go michael moore. you fucking kick ass. you should have won best fucking picture, corporate america should have won best actor, and the US government best supporting role. you are an inspiration and now, i will be less ashamed to say that i think this war is a piece of shit. war is sometimes the answer, but i'm not sure it is now.

(for the record:
1. i never wanted to buy any of those cows anyway
2. even though i was dissuaded by canadians from moving to vancouver due to the heroin and crack problems there, i am now considering montreal or toronto now. what say ye?
3. i do realize that parenthetical asides should neither be this long, nor be numbered and appear in list form. sorry, that's just the way i think)

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

one thing i miss about NYC: billy's topless. screw you, todd levin, for reminding me.
addendum: if you don't know what i'm talking about, google it.

alright fine, stop making fun of me, i'm going to reinstall movable type on my new server. sheesh.

I got pulled over this morning on the way to work by the Royal Torrance Mounted Police for doing 54MPH in a 35MPH zone. This apparently is what happens when you listen to Norwegian electronic music while driving before 9am. The officer, no doubt seeing the danger his family and future generations of offspring would have to endure at my hands, wisely chose to let me off with a warning. Well, it was either that or the "dumb and repentant" act I pulled. If you know me, you would know I'm neither dumb nor repentant. This is not up for discussion.

Monday, March 10, 2003

"i saved latin. what did you ever do?"
everybody has their pet peeves. some people for example, cannot stand personalized ringtones (phones that sing). others can't stand socks and tevas.
me, i cannot fucking stand when people use "persay" when they mean "per se". it's probably some form of snobbery i have since i took latin in high school. latin is actually more useful than you realize. i mean, why the hell do they teach french or spanish or german in high school anyway? they only time kids'll use it is (maybe) on a high school trip abroad, where you're too busy trying to cop a feel and trying to figure out where mcdonald's is to bother with any of that foreign language garbage. the only people who give a crap about foreign language in high school anyway were the precocious theater-types who drink tea and pine away for paris. so your life is boring in suburbia, speaking french won't help you.

first of all, i'd like to welcome any new readers that may have followed the link from my other website. you'll see that i don't write about anything that would get me fired anyway, so...

fingers crossed.

anyway, i did end up getting chosen for that bmx/skateboard/snowboard thing for that new cable channel, and we shot that on sunday. they basically had me blather about why i think bmx gets sort of second-string status in the media, compared to skateboarding at least. something about its white trashy roots and marketing and some such. god bless. easy money, suckas.

Monday, March 03, 2003

Sunday, March 02, 2003

69 degrees today here. read it and weep, all y'all. i love LA. ok, i love the weather. we clear?

Saturday, March 01, 2003

what the hell?
i had an audition today for this thing on bmx/skateboard/snowboard(ers/ing). it was really strange, i felt like some sort of investigative reporter--this isn't really my sort of thing, you see. suddenly "what do i wear" and "what is my story/what is my schtick" became something i was concerned about _for_money._
reality tv shows are they way they are because the contestants are so media-savvy. they know what people are looking for, and they bring it. in buckets. i was hyper-aware of this and feeling dirty all at the same time:
"hmmm...i should wave my arms more, be more animated. they're expecting the whole x-games thing...jeez, why am i wearing this red t-shirt? look at the monitor, the color is bleeding everywhere--who the hell is lighting this thing anyway--remember to drop names and knowledge...maybe i shouldn't be making this drug analogy... what the hell am i talking about...i'm like spud in trainspotting, too much caffeine..." and so on and so forth.