Monday, March 10, 2003

"i saved latin. what did you ever do?"
everybody has their pet peeves. some people for example, cannot stand personalized ringtones (phones that sing). others can't stand socks and tevas.
me, i cannot fucking stand when people use "persay" when they mean "per se". it's probably some form of snobbery i have since i took latin in high school. latin is actually more useful than you realize. i mean, why the hell do they teach french or spanish or german in high school anyway? they only time kids'll use it is (maybe) on a high school trip abroad, where you're too busy trying to cop a feel and trying to figure out where mcdonald's is to bother with any of that foreign language garbage. the only people who give a crap about foreign language in high school anyway were the precocious theater-types who drink tea and pine away for paris. so your life is boring in suburbia, speaking french won't help you.