Tuesday, March 25, 2003

politics, like gun control, abortion, and religion, is one of the topics that i generally try to avoid in order to be polite. one can only estrange so many potential father-in-laws before you get the hint--please, please learn from my mistakes.

having said all that, go michael moore. you fucking kick ass. you should have won best fucking picture, corporate america should have won best actor, and the US government best supporting role. you are an inspiration and now, i will be less ashamed to say that i think this war is a piece of shit. war is sometimes the answer, but i'm not sure it is now.

(for the record:
1. i never wanted to buy any of those cows anyway
2. even though i was dissuaded by canadians from moving to vancouver due to the heroin and crack problems there, i am now considering montreal or toronto now. what say ye?
3. i do realize that parenthetical asides should neither be this long, nor be numbered and appear in list form. sorry, that's just the way i think)