Tuesday, January 27, 2004

ok maybe i'm a metrosexual after all

i thought i would just get this out of the way now--there won't be any more "i was having a cocktail in the lobby of the standard reading vice magazine laughing out loud like an idiot while waiting for my haircut" posts.

it's not what you're thinking, though. the 40+ minuite drive to get my hair cut didn't finally get to me. i have not finally given up on the 323. i am not growing my hair out. i'm not boycotting vice because i was offended by "the vice guide to shit" (which of course was brilliant, duh).

i was getting my hair cut at rudy's sometime after thanksgiving (judging by my bloated by carbs visage in the mirror) and . sarah (the girl that cuts my hair) says something to the effect of: "this is the last time i'm cutting your hair hair here." i began to sweat. i mean, what the hell? i didn't really realize until she started cutting my hair that it helps to have someone understand the fucked up way my hair grows for me to get a decent cut. ok, well i'm also a cheap bastard and I don't really want to pay for a real haircut, so rudy's was great, $19. I mean, fuck, what was i going to have to do, audition a bunch of other cutters til i found one i trusted again?

it was here that i had a mini-revelation--i am taking this way too hard. am i that vain? it's just a haircut, after all, right?

"wait a minute, why? where are you going?"
"i'm opening up my own place in venice. isn't that closer to where you live?"
"well, yes."

whew. now if they only served cocktails and carried vice.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


my korean friend emy, sort of quietly and sheepishly mentioned a recent weakness for korean pop music (kpop) the other night, followed by protestations about how i sort of shrugged, i mean... i've never heard kpop but ok that's fine, i see no reason to be embarassed about that. she then mentioned that it was sort of cheesy and pointed me at this video. oh.my.god. watch it. it's an epic. i watched it 3 times in a row, and i must say it gets better with every viewing. why doesn't christina aguilera do videos like this?

Monday, January 05, 2004

what really should have been the first post of the year.

this should have been the first post of the year, but it got superseded by that whole "boo hoo i have the flu won't you please feel bad for me?" post. the smart ones among the two of you reading this (this does not include me, i obviously do not check for spelling or grammar errors, much less overly-long parenthetical expressions) might surmise that "well, maybe he just wanted to get it out of the way before he forgot"--well, you surmised correctly. wooot!

eh. anyway, such is the sometimes on, sometimes off nature of this blog. when the fancy strikes me, i write. when it doesn't, i try to write and it's terrible, and i become ashamed and i sleep on the beach after drinking boone's farm all night with the rest of my wino friends. while i'd like both of you to believe that my charmed life of burrito throwing, celebrity baiting, and rugged good looks causing catfights everywhere i go continues on unabated 24/7/365, i'm afraid to say it doesn't. sometimes i have tight deadlines at work and i work a lot and you know as they all say in those "how to have a great first date" books i have sitting on my shelf, nobody really wants to hear you talk about work, so i've basically just shut the fuck up for a while.

however, it's the new year as you might have heard and well, it's the season for new neuroses. enjoy.

just one link should do it

this should explain how i feel right now.