Tuesday, December 10, 2002

chance encounter
You: Brunette in skunk outfit wielding hand-held spotlights stage right, 6 December 2002 at the Long Beach Flaming Lips + Beck show.
Me: Awfully good-looking, visibily inebriated guy with artfully tousled hair, 4 or so rows back, the shortest one in the group of four guys (and as you can see, humility is one of his best qualities).
We had cheer sex, you + the rest of the animals came off stage during "Do You Realize?", bum-rushed past the 3 6+ footers and gave me a hug, you returned to the stage and giggled with your friends.
I realize you hugged about 50 other people, but still... the cheer sex, the cheer sex, the cheer sex!