Friday, May 16, 2003

I did some reportage on e3 for Sony yesterday. They stuck a pen and pad of paper in my hand, put a Sony Cybershot U digital camera around my neck (these things are SWEEEET--so tiny) and sent me off to go play videogames and write horrible little stories. I mean, horrible game reviews. In the middle of the day, we shot a story on Gran Turismo 4, where I layed the smackdown on 3 other videogame dorks then interviewed them on-camera. I was sweating like a german tourist at disneyworld in the summer, which you know always looks good on camera.

Every year, I go to e3 for an ego boost. Here I am surrounded by thousands of people that share the same interest as me, BUT THEY'RE ALL HUGE DORKS. I can look around and smile, safe in the knowledge that no matter how dorky I can get, I will NEVER be as bad as the people at this joint. Me, surrounded by a convention center full of dorks and booth babes . pictures to come soon.