Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Los Angeles Sur La Bicyclette
I was understandably antsy after my normally 45 minute commute from behemoth workplace to the bagel belt turned into an hour-plus yesterday, and since i'm detoxing from the past two weeks of (insert vice here), I could not rely on my usual coping mechanisms. My second choice, the massage with the happy ending cost too much, and besides, I had a pretty good parking space so that was out of the question. So, I decided to ride my bike.

Bicycling in Los Angeles is right up there on the list with walking, taking the bus, smoking, being open and honest, and wearing light-colored jeans as one of those things that you don't do. After all, why would you a) get your shoes dirty, b) ride if you can drive, c) mess up your hair, d) be seen as someone who can't afford a car, or worse, e) get run over and killed? It actually can be tremendously difficult, especially in relation to somewhere like Manhattan, where people don't actually go into driveways, the streets are laid out in a grid, and the cars are all yellow and a thousand times easier to see than the cars here, especially at night.

Anyway, seeing it up close last night and not from a car window at 40mph was nice and calming. I rode by a bunch of things that I would miss if I moved to Canada. Doughboys, Room Service, Newsroom, Union, kBond, El Carmen, King's Road Cafe--Maybe I won't move. But then again, maybe if i didn't go to those places I would still have $.

addendum: i'm not name-dropping, i'm just saying. sheesh