Wednesday, October 16, 2002

So last night, the behemoth advertising agency that I work for and our little cousin behemoth advertising agency went to see Nando Parrado speak. Nando was 19 years old when the plane carrying his rugby team and assorted family and friends crashed into the Andes during a flight from his home in Uruguay to Chile, where they were to play a match. An amazing story really, how these guys survived for 72 days in the Andes, especially when some of them had never even seen snow before. They had to break one of the biggest taboos to stay alive, but you know, you do what you gotta do. Hearing the whole story from the horses mouth makes me realize that eating their dead friends was one of the lesser sacrifices they had to make.

Now I know y'all are used to my reading my neuroses and bitching and whining and whatnot and I'm sure that'll return in time, but right now, I guess I'm just counting my blessings. I'm going to go watch my signed copy of "Alive" now. heh.