Monday, October 14, 2002

So, I watched Four Weddings and a Funeral yesterday. It's a romantic comedy as you probably well know and for whatever reason (I'm now afraid to ask why) people have been referencing it a lot lately. This of course drives me batty because I would like to think I'm pretty well-versed in popular culture references, highbrow, lowbrow, or anywhere in between. Unfortunately, this movie was probably released during a non-going-to-the-movies, especially not by myself period of my life, so These References were lost on me.

Anyway, thanks to Netflix., I was able to watch this movie without having to go to the video store, which would have necessitated some sort of other rental (something either highbrow or something at least masculine) to offset this not-very-manly choice, or barring that, at least some sort of excuse. You know the drill, buying a Sheryl Crow album (although I haven't), and then asking them if they have giftwrap, or "Well, I really don't want to watch this, my girlfriend wanted to see it, I hope she's not trying to tell me something, you think?".

Anyway, Netflix. I love it, I don't have to deal with lines, I can rent whatever the hell I want, no late charges, although if you're an idiot like me and you keep a movie for--oh, I don't know-- A YEAR, you may or may not come out ahead.

FYI, my other Netflix rental was Chungking Express, AND btw, woo-hoo, I made it a whole day without writing about my car.