Saturday, September 20, 2003

w.w.a.n.p.d? (what would any normal person do?)

i was minding my own business riding my bike on venice beach today riding around with the skaters, learning some new stuff. a coupla kids rolled up on bmx bikes and start talking to me--and when i say kids, i mean kidskids, all like 14 or 15 years old and whatnot--young enough to have to wear helmets when they ride their bikes. now this happens a lot, and i don't mind, i was a kid once and i would ask older riders stupid questions, and i would be really excited when they were nice to me and were encouraging and whatnot, so i try to do the same. then out of the blue, big sister rolled up on her pink 1953 schwinn cruiser, and then the cat got my tongue. i mean, here was this really cute girl, really good style, recognized my dead rat stickers from vice magazine, nice, funny, not afraid to be a little dorky, nice enough to let her brother and his friend stay at her place in venice (in venice!) which of course made me a babbling idiot--just a puddle of goo AND THEN I DECLINED A LUNCH INVITATION.

sometimes i am my own worst enemy.