Monday, September 01, 2003



my comment:
sales didn't bother me until i moved into my new neighborhood, where people have yard sales on the small patches of grass in front of their 6 unit apartment buildings, attracting roving bands of families in rusted blue ford aerostars circa 1988 choking up the already narrow streets between melrose and beverly. look, i don't want any of your rack of flowery dresses or your swedish semi-disposable furniture or your old callanetics tapes, i'll give you the $50 that you might have made that day to take them to goodwill. until then, wait til you have a goddamn yard.
estate sales are a different story.
no. 61 / 10.14.2002, 10:13 AM

i had a yard sale on sunday. for the record, i don't have a yard. i live in an apartment building on a walk street off of venice beach. i am a hypocritical asshole. how 'bout that!

hey, disposable income + lack of storage space = yard sale! come take advantage of years of unchecked spending. it's amazing, but i pretty much sold everything i put out there. losers.