Tuesday, September 23, 2003

i'm going to the 'coov!

the AIGA (american institute of graphic arts) is having their national design conference in vancouver late october (23-26), and the Behemoth Advertising Agency is paying my way.

The conference will be ok, maybe. Probably, it will be ok. I am super excited however about vancouver itself, which i am taking a week to explore after the conference ends. Avid readers will remember my excitement about vancouver on the november 11 post from last year. (i read it again, and think "was bowling for columbine that good?"--yes, yes it was) I've been reading City of Glass by Douglas Coupland and old tremble.com posts to try to get a feel for the city and what i should check out, especially where to find a canadian woman to marry so i can move there. I wonder how the trucker hat thing is playing out in vancouver?