Thursday, January 30, 2003

Ok, here's the deal. It's 80 degrees today, which in Los Angeles you might expect at any given day. This is generally good, and it makes every season beach season and gives men and women alike the motivation to keep themselves looking nice. It affords women the luxury of showing lots of skin and men the luxury of leering. Of course, you could argue that most of these people are here wanting to be celebrity types of some sort, but hey, we're accenting the positives here.

80 degrees fahrenheit does nothing for snowboarders though, especially when we were teased with a good few days of heavy-ish rain early in the season. Heavy-ish rain equals heavy-ish snow, and that equals good snowboarding. I should have never made fun of the people who made the "stormwatch 2003" jokes. I should have never said "Hey, it looks like it's gonna be a good winter for snowboarding!". That's like saying "Hey look, there's no traffic today!" I jinxed it. Sorry everyone.