Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Top 5 Essential Paul Weller Albums
It's list time here at the blogspot in lieu of a real entry. Paul Weller of course was the former front man in the highly influential punk-tinged mod band The Jam and the jazz/soul/r+b-flavored 80s pop band The Style Council. I have had an unhealthy obsession with Paul for years now--and now you can too! Just buy these albums in order.

1.Wild Wood

Easily one of the best albums of the mid 90s,I have literally played this cd so much that I have had to purchase 4 copies.

2. Heliocentric

Paul's fifth studio album (of six), this is definitely the most ambitious and gets better with every listen, which at last count was in the six figures.

3. Stanley Road

It's got Noel Gallagher and Steve Winwood on it.
The most commercially successful album of his solo career.
You will want to shag to "You Do Something To Me".

4. Illumination [Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD}

His Most Recent. Effortless and jaunty, and not in a Hootie and the Blowfish kind of way.

5. Paul Weller

His first solo record, done whilst hanging out with all the acid-jazzers at the time. B-sides from this era feature the J.B.'s on horns, if that gives you any indication. While some of Paul's other solo work may remind you of Nick Drake, Traffic, Small Faces or Neil Young, this one is more Marvin Gaye or Curtis Mayfield.

Alternately, you could always ask me for a copy of The Paul Weller Primer--chock full of great album cuts and b-sides that non-collectors like YOU would never hear if not for idiots like me.