Monday, March 22, 2004

f*cking ofoto. or how i became an online stalker.

alright, by no means is it a secret that i do the online dating thing. whatever, we've gone over that before. (in embarassing detail.)

several weeks ago, i send a little "hello i like your profile" missive to an attractive web-programmer girl. a couple of weeks later, i got an email back. "woo-hoo! i thought. she said she liked my profile and pictures and apologized for writing back so late, as she was in europe for two weeks. she gave me her email address and told to write.

ok, so... i googled her email address, found her name and googled that. i then found her personal site. her personal site with a blog. her personal site with a blog that links to ofoto and pictures she took from europe. now had i known that by signing into ofoto she would be able to tell that i looked at her pictures... well... i wouldn't have. or rather, i would have signed on with another email address. alas, that is not the case and i received the following email: "Hey. What did you think of my Europe photos?"

bleh. loser. i swear it was innocuous. all 37 times i looked at the pictures.