Friday, August 15, 2003


i've been awake all night, but not for lack of trying. i'm lying here in bed at 6:42AM doing what i've been doing for most of the night, alternately trying to go to sleep, giving up, turning my laptop on, surfing the web til i think i might be tired enough to sleep, putting the laptop to sleep, trying to put myself to sleep, waking up the laptop that so indignantly goes to sleep immediately, hearing the city wake up, listen to cars start whizzing down the street, all the while counting down the available hours of sleep--"if i fall asleep in 15 minutes, then i will be able to get 4 hours of sleep, then i can hit snooze"--an hour later, "ok, if i can fall asleep now, i will be able to get 3 hours of sleep, but look it's friday, maybe i can be a little late" and so on and so forth until you are within AN HOUR of your alarm clock going off.

dunno what it is, really--i usually have no problem getting to sleep. i suppose part of it would be the heat--i've changed to the cool side of each of the 4 pillows on my bed at least once over the course of the night. this of course is exacerbated by the bloat induced by many beers, half a large pepperoni + mushroom pizza (thankfully it was thin crust), half a bag of very dense and very oily honey mustard and onion pretzel bits, and handfuls and handfuls of cheddar cheese flavored sun chips. poor dr. atkins must be turning in his grave, which sounds just so peaceful. and quiet. and cool, although it's probably pretty humid in there. ok i'm delirious.